This Ferrari 250 GTO Is Really A 1978 Datsun


Asking price unknown. Proceed with some caution.

As Nissan ponders the future of its beloved Z sports car, some of its first ancestors are still very much on the road today, such as this 1978 Datsun 280ZX. Well, it doesn't really look all that much like a 280Z anymore. That's because, duh, it's been turned into a Ferrari 250 GTO replica. We found this surprisingly tasteful replica up for sale on the conveniently called website (we spend way too much time searching for interesting used cars), and figured it was worth sharing.

Unfortunately, an asking price wasn't listed and sellers who put a lot of work into their cars often think it's worth way more than it really is. Therefore we honestly wouldn't be surprised if this seller wanted somewhere in the neighborhood of $30k for this. Okay, sure, the 250 GTO body work is pretty decent. Even the 280Z's 2.8-liter inline-six is there (though it ain't no Ferrari V12), albeit with Ferrari logos, a nice touch by the way. The manual transmission is obviously good to have too, but it's no Ferrari gated stick. But it's the exterior bodywork that impresses us the most. Clearly a lot of hard work went into this, especially at the front and rear ends.

Given that a real 250 GTO sells for upwards of $50 million these days (yes, really), a replica like this can be had at a fraction of a fraction of the cost. Then again, even replicas, no matter how good they turn out and how much its creator spent, are only worth so much. Photos courtesy of via seller.

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