This Ferrari 458 By Prior Design Looks More Like A Spaceship Than A Supercar

It’s the perfect vehicle for a supervillain.

The Ferrari 458has to be one of the prettiest supercars of the past 10 years and might even beone of the best looking supercars of all time. For rich 458 owners that thinktheir vehicle needs something a bit more menacing, Prior-Design has an absolutelyinsane body kit. From an aesthetic standpoint, the tuning company’s PD458widebody kit adds a front bumper, an add-on lip spoiler, side skirts, a reartrunk spoiler, a diffuser, cupwings, a new hood and vented engine covers.

The body kit is finishedwith three-piece Prior-Design Forged wheels, which can also be installed onother Ferrari models. For an even lower 458, drivers can opt for the H&RSport Suspension that drops the supercar by approximately 1.4 inches. Inaddition to the body kit, Prior-Design can add a chip tuning upgrade tothe 458 for an additional 30 hp and 29 lb-ft of torque. All of this makes the458 into something that looks like it belongs in the sky and not on a road.

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