This Ferrari 458 Crash Cost $270,000 Worth Of Damage

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This guy probably took driving lessons from OutRun when he wrecked his Ferrari 458.

Remember the retro racing game OutRun, in which you drove a Ferrari down picturesque roads really fast to try and woo your lady passenger? We reckon this guy was doing the same thing. The difference, though, is if you push too hard in OutRun, you'll have a comical crash causing the Ferrari to flip and eject the occupants (it's honestly not as violent as it sounds - this was 1986-grade graphics) before carrying on unscathed like nothing happened. That's not how it works in real life.

The 26-year-old male hot head rented this V8-powered Ferrari 458 Italia back in August 2015 with a female friend as part of a three-supercar convoy on mountain roads in Colorado. And, well, testosterone, inexperience and arrogance is a recipe for an accident waiting to happen.

Despite the passenger's pleas, the driver does what anyone would do behind the wheel of a Ferrari for the first time: he floors it. Unfortunately, he forgot to account for corners: he underestimates a tight bend, the Ferrari understeers and the supercar plows into the guardrail, causing some serious damage. Nobody was hurt in the accident, but the damage to the mid-engined supercar was estimated at a whopping $270,000. Ouch. The GoPro footage doesn't do the speed of the crash justice. According to Reddit user alexbro001, who works for the company that used to own the 458, the entry speed of the turn at the scene of the crash should be 30 mph.

The driver apparently approached it at about three times that speed, causing a lot more damage than what you can see in the photos. There was extensive body damage, structural damage, and the interior was torn up from the airbags deploying. "It was in rough shape," he explains on Reddit. Clearly, this guy needs a lesson in corner entry speeds - the arcade classic OutRun isn't an accurate representation of real life.

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