This Ferrari 458 Driver Needs To Be Banned From The Nurburgring


Watch and you'll see why.

This is not proper Nurburgring behavior. Crashing is one thing, but this is something else entirely. What are we talking about? A hit and run. Yes, it happened. On the Nurburgring. And no, the driver responsible for such an asshole move wasn’t behind the wheel of something puny that probably didn’t belong on the Ring in the first place. No, the culprit was driving a Ferrari 458 Spider. Everything from the victim’s dash cam seemed to be going just fine – for the first 20 seconds or so. It was actually a lovely day for some laps.

And then it happened. The 458 driver, as you’re supposed to do when you’re driving a faster car, was passing on the left. The guy driving the victimized car acted properly by staying all the way to the right, leaving ample space for the Ferrari to pass.

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Instead of passing through the large gap, the Ferrari driver somehow contrived to clip the courteous car before speeding off down track. So either this driver doesn’t know how to use his side mirrors or simply can’t judge distance. Or, perhaps, he simply doesn’t care about his own car, or the safety of others. Hopefully the guy who got bumped reported this to Nurburgring officials. This Ferrari driver needs to be banned from the Nurburgring and/or compensate the other driver.