This Ferrari 458 Italia Styling Is Stunning, And You Can Do It Yourself

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All will be revealed.

The guys at Dip Your Car have become the Plasti Dip masters over the past few years, and the pinnacle of their expertise was recently realized with this stunning Ferrari 458 Italia. The DYC Italia has been dipped in an Atlantic blue color shift, and sits on a sweet set of burnt copper Vossen VPS 308 alloys. If you've always wanted to dip a part of your car, the wheels are a great place to start. Just follow these tips from Dip Your Car owner, "Fonzie," who demonstrates how to elevate your alloys to a new level without making the change permanent.

The wheels are surgically cleaned before applying a base coat of matte black. Four coats later and the wheels are ready for a custom pearl finish. After mixing a gallon of high gloss DYC top coat with 50 grams of burnt copper alloy pearl, it is patiently applied and as you can see, the end result is spectacular. Think you could do this yourself?

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