This Ferrari-Based One-Off Looks And Sounds Spectacular

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The racing team wants to make a return to motorsport in 2025 with this dramatic-looking supercar.

When CarBuzz first caught a glimpse of the striking supercar seen below, we assumed the aggressively styled supercar was a special one-off creation from the Prancing Horse itself. While it may gain motivation from a Ferrari-sourced V12, it is, in fact, a Veloqx Fangio. While unknown to many, Veloqx is a motorsport team that previously competed in several esteemed racing events, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where the team successfully ran a pair of Audi R8 LMP1 prototypes.

Named after legendary racing driver Juan Manuel Fangio, the little-known supercar is destined to reignite Veloqx's racing history. According to, founder Sam Li has said the Fangio will be powered by an engine with the ability to run on eco-friendly fuels. Li plans on taking his creation racing in 2025, with a track-only derivative. While official figures are yet to be released, the supercar reportedly produces 800 horsepower.

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The distinctive styling is certainly eye-catching, sporting an aggressive front end with a massive front splitter. The widened arches flow into the sculpted sides of the Fangio, and onto the rear, where the incredibly large rear diffuser can be found. The high-mounted quad exhausts do look incredible, though. While any resemblance has since been disguised by eccentric design, the overall proportions still hint at the Ferrari F12 tdf and the newer 812 Competizione.

In the video, the Veloqx Fangio can be seen at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina circuit, the V12 bellowing down the pit lane before unleashing its unbridled power on the racetrack. With LMP2-spec rubber, the supercar corners with panache, gripping for dear life as the driver throws the Fangio through corners at high speed.

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The interior of the Fangio has been color-coded to the exterior, with black and white hues covering most cabin surfaces. Despite the badging found on the steering wheel, the snug innards do provide further clues into the vehicle's heritage, with the dashboard and steering wheel, in particular, bearing a resemblance to late-model Ferrari's.

Aside from the Audi R8 LMP1 prototype racers, Veloqx has previously also enjoyed success with a pair of Ferrari 550 GTS racers, referenced in the teaser seen below. If the team is successful in its endeavors, it will be over two decades since Veloqx has joined an international racing series. While the unknown newcomer has seemingly burst onto the landscape, we applaud the team's tenacity and level of progress, and look forward to seeing what they achieve with the awe-inspiring Fangio.

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