This Ferrari California Just Sold For An Insane Price

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All because of one special feature.

The Ferrari California isn't the most potent supercar out of the prancing horse's factory, but this model sold for an incredible $435,000 at the Artcurial auction in Paris. So how in the world does one of the least-loved supercars go for that price? Everyone knows that prices for supercars with manual gearboxes have skyrocketed and this California proves that the bubble has hit an all time high. Enthusiasts are willing to pay an incredible amount of money for manual Ferraris since there's no sign of any future models being made.

This specific California was the last Ferrari ever offered with a manual transmission and it may be the very last. The auctioneers claim that this model is one of only five Californias ever built with a manual transmission, which makes it an extremely rare beast. It may be the least desirable Ferrari out of the factory in recent times, but $435K for the vehicle is an insane amount.

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