This Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Custom Interior Is A Feast For The Eyes

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Ferrari would be proud of this exquisite interior design.

With the Ferrari 812 Superfast set to become the Italian automaker's next flagship naturally-aspirated supercar, Carlex Design has given its predecessor, the feisty F12 Berlinetta, a fitting sendoff, with a lovingly crafted interior that's a feast for the eyes. Carlex Design has designed some exquisite interiors in the past, and this sumptuous example is no exception. Before you start to worry, it's nowhere near as garish as the lime green trimmed Porsche 911 - Carlex Design's modified F12 cabin compliments the sporty styling of the supercar.

Eye-catching yellow inserts adorn the seats, along with piping and thick seams that are thoughtfully color coordinated with the paint of the car. Carlex Design explains that these elements were meticulously planned so that they don't dominate the interior, but "slightly underline its geometric and sporty character." Carbon elements dominate the F12 to make you feel like you're sat inside something special, and these have been accentuated with black perforated inserts. Alcantara leather has also been applied to the seats, dashboard and door panels, giving the interior lines and textures a multi-dimensional look, while black carbon optic leather has been applied to the door panels among other areas.

The insides of the air vents have been colored to give them more depth, the floor mats are meticulously handcrafted, and the edge seam of the gauge cover smoothly blends with the steering wheel line. You can't fault the scrupulous attention to detail Carlex Design has applied here - Ferrari would be proud.

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