This Ferrari F12tdf Has Just 150 Miles On It And Over $120k Worth Of Options

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Will its next owner dare to even drive it?

Ferraris all have one thing in common aside from their badge: they go up in value. It's just a fact of life. Obviously the more limited in production, the greater its price tag increases. Such is the case of this Ferrari F12tdf. Set to cross the stage this month at Mecum Auction's Kissimmee event, this F12tdf has a mere 150 miles on its odometer and features more than $120,000 of custom-ordered factory options. And then, of course, it's just one of 799 produced.

With its 6.3-liter V12 (signed by its factory builders) producing 770 hp (compared to the "regular" F12's 730 hp) and 520 lb-ft of torque, the F12tdf is also lighter than the F12berlinetta. Things like carbon fiber AFS headlight buckets, fog lamps, wheel caps sill protectors, and rear-bench trim all help to shaving off 240 pounds of unnecessary mass. It also comes with the LaFerrari's huge carbon ceramic brakes and black calipers. Painted in Giallo Triplo Strato, it features a black Alcantara interior with yellow contrast stitching. Other extra features include the $10,124 Ferrari Telemetry system, $11,644 carbon fiber engine covers and $5,062 carbon fiber dash inserts.

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If you have to ask how much the estimated auction price is, then you probably shouldn't even consider placing a bid. But since you're here, Mecum Auctions estimates it'll bring in between $1.2 to $1.3 million. And yes, that value will definitely increase over time. Consider this an investment its new owner will probably only occasionally drive. Shame. Photos courtesy of Mecum Auctions.


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