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This Ferrari F355 Spider Is Basically Worthless

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A heated review of one of Ferrariā€™s most fiery models.

The Ferrari F355 (the F was dropped from 1997-on) was one of the most beautiful mid-engined supercars of the 1990s. Its 380 horsepower 3.5-liter V8 gave it serious performance for the time and it came standard with one of the best-sounding exhausts notes in history.

Available in Coupe, Targa or Spider variants, only the jerky first-gen electrohydraulic F1 transmission spoiled an otherwise perfect Italian recipe. So why then is this particular 1995 F355 Spider, with the desirable gated six-speed manual gearbox no less, worth practically nothing? We take a look at the Aging Wheels YouTube channel to find out.

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Robert Dunn is clearly a connoisseur of fine Italian machinery and his detailed rundown of the F355 shows that it has a few flaws that may be why this fiery black Ferrari is not worth as much as you might expect.

The unwashed car sport's aftermarket wheels, which do not look quite as good as the originals, and soft top are currently not in working condition, both quite likely to depress resale values. The interior too has a few issues. The leather, according to Robert, is a beautiful charcoal color although the trim on the door cards does exhibit some pretty serious peeling. "Most likely due to age", he says. Must be.

The driving position does come in for some criticism, as does the comfort level of the seats and headrests. The switches for just about every interior function seem stuck in place too, although he does compliment Ferrari on the frosted glass finish on some of the gauges. Out on the road things don't start off very well. The engine note is a little underwhelming unless you are going through a tunnel, but the gearshift is great and it performs to expectations once he puts his foot down.

The car has provenance too, currently owned by popular YouTuber Tavarish and previously under the curatorship of Tyler 'Hoovies' Hoover, another YouTuber who owns 38.5 cheap enthusiast vehicles. Robert's review does not mention the total mileage of this particular vehicle, so this may be a clue as to why it is considered to be essentially worthless.

Either way, if you have always wanted to own a fiery Ferrari, albeit in charcoal black, then this may be the perfect opportunity to douse your heated desires and make an offer on what could be the best Black Friday deal of all time.