This Ferrari F40 Has A Paint Job Like No Other

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Is this green Ferrari F40 stunning or sacrilegious?

Only 1,300 Ferrari F40s rolled off the production line between 1987 and 1992 which already makes it a rare supercar. Most were finished in Ferrari's signature Rosso Corsa red, which some will argue is the only appropriate color for the Italian supercar, while a few were in yellow and black. Ferrari never offered green as an official color for the F40, so imagine our surprise when a Ferrari F40 was spotted painted in British Racing Green. Enzo Ferrari was famously strict about customizing the F40, so we don't think he would have approved somehow.

Originally, this example left the Maranello factory finished in red like most other F40s. According to DriveTribe, this green Ferrari F40 belongs to avid car collector and racing driver Eugenio Amos, who also owns a Mercedes CLK GTR, Porsche 993 GT2 RS and RUF 911 Turbo R. This is also Amos' second F40 after he sold the first one in 2016. The painstaking paintjob took place in the owner's home country in Italy where it took three months to complete. Some may find it sacrilegious, but Eugenio wanted to repaint his F40 Verde Abetone because he felt it was fitting for the era, although Ferrari does offer it as an official color for some newer models.

After the Rosso Corsa color was removed, imperfections were found on the bodywork which explains why the transformation took so long to complete. The F40 was one of the first cars to feature body panels made of fiber glass and carbon Kevlar, so it's safe to say that these imperfections would not have been easy to remove.

The interior was also customized. The seats and headliner were covered in alcantara in a colour named 'Cuoio Schedoni', named after a company that made bespoke Ferrari luggage bags to go with models when delivered to their new owners. The green F40 was recently displayed at the 2017 Milano Autoclassica, and it's safe to say it stands out from the crowd.

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