This Ferrari F40 Is So Much More Than A Supercar

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Owner of this legendary supercar knows how special it is.

Jasbir Sing Dhillon is an avid car enthusiast who is fortunate enough to own possibly the most iconic modern Ferrari of all time, the beautiful F40. Despite featuring this classic prancing horse on CarBuzz many times before, its stunning lines and impressive performance capabilities have us coming back to it again and again.

The Petrolicious crew must have a similar soft spot for the Pininfarina designed supercar as this is the second video they have made of it, something they very rarely do. The story of this particular car is a rather special one, it is as much about the machine as it is about the way it has influenced Jas and his family in the years he has owned it.

Whereas his favorite F1 driver, Nigel Mansell, was gifted one by Enzo Ferrari, Jasbir followed the more traditional route to F40 ownership by handing over his hard-earned cash for one, although not before getting permission from his parents as is the tradition in Sikh culture.

The car has since become a part of his family and he involves his three children in the ownership experience too, they particularly love the raw nature of the F40 and its vicious power delivery. Jasbir feels that the best aspect of his passion for cars is the people he meets along the way. One particularly fond memory he has was when his car was used for the inaugural F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain and ex-F1 star, Jacky Ickx, drove him around the newly completed track.

The F40 is an amalgamation of components from a variety of suppliers from around the world that is so much more than the sum of its parts. Enzo Ferrari's brief was for a car that was uncomplicated, powerful and light, essentially a race car for the road. Its roots can be traced back to the 288 GTO and the Group B racing series and it definitely shows.

The 478 horsepower output from its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 may not seem all that outrageous today but the very low curb weight and masses of turbo torque give it serious pace and a level of involvement alien to today's anodyne supercars.

Jasbir is the kind of enthusiast who clearly enjoys driving his cars and while the F40 was the focus of this video, his passion extends to a broad cross-section of cars judging by what was parked in his garage. From a Jaguar E-Type and sublime Porsche Carrera GT to the ultra-rare Jaguar XJ-15 and angular Aston Martin Lagonda, it may be well worth it for Petrolicious to return to Jasbir and his garage at least one more time.

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