This Ferrari F430 is FUBAR

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Driving on the famed Autobahn in Germany can be a wonderful experience - unless a tire bursts while going 186 mph.

First and foremost, the driver and passenger of this heap of shredded metal that used to be a Ferrari 430 Scuderia miraculously survived this crash. The car itself, however, is a different story entirely. According to Carscoops and, the supercar's owner and his wife were driving the Ferrari on May 1 on a stretch of Autobahn going around 186 mph when suddenly one of the rear tires burst. The Ferrari immediately went into a spin and then smashed into both guardrails.

The images you see before you depict the horrific result. Both occupants walked away with very minor injuries and were released from the hospital later that day. Shockingly, this isn't the first time the owner has had trouble with one of his Ferraris. A previous debacle occurred when a lit cigarette was dropped and ignited the car's interior plastics. No word on what happened to that Ferrari but this 430 Scuderia is without question completely totaled.

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