This Ferrari Formula One Car Is Made Of 350,000 Lego Bricks

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From design to finish, it took 1,594 man-hours to build.

It looks like McLaren has started a trend when it comes to life-size Lego replica cars. After showing off its meticulously crafted full-scale McLaren 720S Lego car at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed complete with real Pirelli tires, Lego has now made a life-size Ferrari replica. Sadly, it's not a full-scale Ferrari 812 Superfast Lego car (though if you really want one and have more money than sense, there's a 1:2 scale Ferrari 812 Superfast model going up for auction soon), but a Ferrari Formula One Car built from 349,911 Lego bricks.

In contrast, the McLaren 720S was built using 267,300 bricks. More specifically, this latest life-size Lego car is modelled after the Scuderia Ferrari SF-70H driven by Sebastian Vettel during this year's Formula One racing season. Tipping the scales at 1,250 pounds, the 1:1 scale Ferrari Formula One Lego car took 844 man-hours to design and another 750 hours to build.

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Incredibly, that's a total of 1,594 hours or over 66 days from start to finish. You can watch the painstaking building process in a time lapse video where you can see Lego employees assemble the car brick-by-brick. What is the point of this exercise, you may ask? Well, whereas McLaren invited attendants of the Goodwood Festival of Speed to finish assembling the model for a charity event that raised $3,000, this is purely a publicity stunt to promote Lego's range of Speed Champions Ferrari model kits. Unlike this life-size model, the Lego Speed Champions model of last year's Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H racecar will actually fit on your shelf and only set you back around $15.

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