This Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta Video Commemorates 70 Years Of Awesome

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When Ferrari make a video, it's almost as good as it's cars.

The ultra-exclusive Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is pretty much the exact representation of the phrase "sex on wheels." It has to be the most beautiful car that Ferrari has created to date. Production is limited to just 200 units which makes it a top prize for those with eight zeros on their bank statement. The car is a special one for the Italian supercar manufacturer, it was created to celebrate 70 years of making cars that have a reputation of being among the best money can buy.

While all models are accounted for, Ferrari felt the need to create a video advert, starring F1 driver Sebastian Vettel, and we're rather glad it did.

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It's one of this videos that hits you right in the feels. Not only does it show off the open top LaFerrari, along the drive the Aperta doesn't have it's own reflection anywhere. Instead every reflective surface shows off one of the great classic Ferraris and eventually Vettel's Formula 1 car. A highlight has to be the soundtrack to that superb piece of Italian craftsmanship, the electronically-assisted V12. Hearing all 950 horses screaming like they caught their man bits in a zip is proper goosebump-inducing stuff, but things get even better when Vettel switches drive modes and heads out on track to punish the tires. This is the perfect video to showcase the perfect Ferrari, a fitting tribute to 70 years of awesomeness.

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