This Ferrari Mercedes SL Is So Terrible You'll Have To Love It

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Seller calls it "the ultimate head turner."

Although 1990 was quite a long time ago, we've been wracking our brains trying to remember this particular Ferrari model – the Ferrari Mercedes SL – but keep drawing a blank. But of course, anything is possible on Craigslist, where this unique one-off is being offered for sale for a mere $10,000. Located in Atlanta, the car is described as "the ultimate ride," assuming ultimate means a black SL with Ferrari badges and stickers attached to its various aftermarket body parts. It's so ultimate that the seller is willing to consider a trade for a Lambo kit car.

To his credit, the seller describes the car as a "Ferrari knockoff," and goes on to detail the custom changes he has added to the car. These include a "Kenwood boom system, 3 built-in auto flip video screens and one double sided video screen attached to roll bar, custom single window convertible top, custom front and rear clip, fitted hood scoop and side panel scoops, lowered 4 inches, blacked out Petite Le Mans-style lighting, custom wheels, car trimmed in 24 karat gold." At $10K, is this the ultimate steal or should it be sent directly to the junkyard?

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