This Ferrari Wailing Like A Banshee Will Intensify Your V8 Appetite

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Here's 375 horses of V8 fury.

Ask yourself, what sounds better than a proper unbalanced V8? If you thought of anything other than "nothing," you are wrong. The ingredients for a cocktail of bliss known as the F355 Berlinetta are the following: 375 horsepower, a 3.5-liter V8 and a Ferrari badge. As if that wasn't enough, this particular Berlinetta says F1 on the back. Unfortunately that doesn't mean the car can turn at six-plus Gs at over 150 mph, but it does mean that this particular model of F355 is special in a different way, specifically with its transmission.

Weaving in and out of slight bends rather than wrestling through chicanes, this autocross setup drives more or less like a slalom. However this takes nothing away from the ferocious V8 as it reaches speeds close to 60 mph in what can be called, for all intents and purposes, a parking lot.

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Now, back to the transmission. The F355 F1 Berlinetta was a pioneer. It is the first road car to use a paddle-shifting gearbox derived directly from F1. Said gearbox debuted in 1989 at the Brazilian Grand Prix in the Ferrari 640, with Nigel Mansell taking the checkered flag. No wonder this thing can effortlessly conquer an autocross course.

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