This First Edition GMC Hummer EV Will Sell For Silly Money

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It's already well over the $110K sticker price.

Two weeks ago, someone with far too much money spent far too much of it on a GMC Hummer EV. The First Edition of GMC's newest Hummer sold for $275,000 a full $164,705 over the car's original $110,295 sticker price. Now, we're betting someone is going to pay a similarly outrageous sum for this example of the First Edition Hummer.

It's currently listed for sale on Doug DeMuro's auction site, Cars & Bids. In fact, Doug himself placed a few bids on it. It's safe to say the Youtuber loved the EV so much he's willing to put his money where his mouth is. We can't blame him either. The Hummer EV is a seriously cool truck.

Cars & Bids Cars & Bids Cars & Bids Cars & Bids

The seller of the Hummer EV, going by the username "DarkFX," listed the 9,000-pound EV for no reserve just a few days ago. At the time of this article's writing, the current high bid on the auction sits at $163,786. We imagine it'll get higher than that. When Doug bid on the EV, he said in the listing's comments that he actually prefers the Rivian R1T for the money, but the cool factor on the convertible EV SUV was too much to ignore. His last bid topped out at $95,000.

This example is a little different than the one we saw earlier this month. It's got quite a few miles on it. 4,200 to be exact. According to the owner's comments in the listing, he took it on a two-week trip from Detroit all the way down to Fort Myers, Florida. He also said that the truck's battery will take it "easily 250 miles" on the highway in cold weather. Good to know, given the Hummer's range estimates.

Cars & Bids Cars & Bids Cars & Bids Cars & Bids

So, why would someone with a brand new Hummer EV put it up for sale? Money, of course. At least, that's our take. The flipper's market on these is obviously out of control. The owner also said that he's already "enjoyed the heck out of the Hummer," and that after seeing the model sell for crazy money at a recent auction, he decided to list the car for no reserve.

Clearly, the seller is getting his money out of the new GMC EV. The window sticker, included in the sale, lists the price at $110,295. With the auction heading the way that it is, the owner has already recovered his money and then some. We're betting that by the time the virtual gavel falls in a few days, he'll have made a handsome sum on his Hummer.

Cars & Bids Cars & Bids Cars & Bids Cars & Bids Cars & Bids

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