This Fool Attempts to Ride a BMX at 50MPH

That's one way to get noticed from the Jackass crew.

Just the look on the guy’s face at the start of what appears to be a parody of a Jackass skit tells you this isn’t going to end well. Using a buddy’s car to build up some speed, the rider isn’t satisfied with going 40 mph so demands the driver to go faster. Once the required speed has been reached, his ill-fated solo run down the highway begins - something he admits to have done hundreds of times before. But this time, things go wrong. This time, the back tire starts to generate some smoke and sends him into what he aptly describes as a “speed wobble.”

After the inevitable high-speed spin out, the helmetless Bam Magera wannabe is up on his feet. But not before busting out a couple of impressive death rolls Johnny Knoxville would be proud of.

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