This Ford Bronco and Suzuki Jimny Lovechild Is GM's New Small Electric Truck

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This is something we'd love to see in the US but is made for the Chinese market.

The all-electric small truck we'd love to see sold in the US is called the Baojun Yep EV, which is now available as a baby SUV and a pickup. Never heard of Baojun? You're forgiven if you haven't, but it's an important brand for one key reason: it's part of a joint venture that includes General Motors, SAIC, and Wuling Motors (SGMW).

There are no plans whatsoever on GM's part to bring the Baojun Yep (YueYe in Chinese) stateside but we're hopeful this new EV segment will continue to grow and GM will eventually launch something similar here.

It'll probably have to if it wants to compete with Scout Motors, VW's new EV off-road brand coming to South Carolina.

As for the Baojun Yep, it looks kind of like a cross between the Ford Bronco and the Suzuki Jimny, which is also very sadly forbidden fruit.


SGMW has released the first batch of photos of its latest offering on Chinese social media platform Weibo and we gotta admit we're a bit jealous. This small EV truck has just two seats and a single electric motor located in the rear. Designers and engineers have managed to maximize the Baujun Yep's bed space so that it'll fit a spare tire but probably not much else.

Official powertrain details have not been released but the four-seat SUV version has a total output of only 68 horsepower and 103 lb-ft of torque. Its 188-mile range (on the CLTC Chinese testing cycle) is nothing amazing but the choice of going with a less expensive lithium-iron-phosphate battery was deliberately chosen to help keep overall costs down. Chances are the truck version will utilize the same setup.


Size-wise, the Baujun Yep is actually even smaller than the Jimny. The SUV, for example, measures 133.1 inches in length, 66.3 inches wide, and a height of 67.7 inches. The Jimny, to compare, is a full two feet longer.

Pickup trucks are becoming more popular in China these days as people are increasingly getting into the outdoor life which typically requires additional cargo to be hauled around, like mountain bikes.

A vehicle this small with a measly 68 hp would never cut it in America but the general concept of a compact EV truck and SUV is still quite viable, hence VW's decision to launch Scout. Hopefully, GM and other automakers will follow suit.


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