This Ford Bronco Ice Sculpture Took 5 Days To Make

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That's still a fair bit quicker than your average Bronco delivery time.

If you want to get behind the wheel of a new Ford Bronco, you are going to have to wait quite some time due to the massive demand throughout the country. Highlighting the effect this new offering has had on the local market is renowned artist Eric Jones who has constructed a to-scale carving of the Bronco, entirely out of snow.

This special tribute has been put together outside of the Buffalo Auto Show. Speaking to WKBW Buffalo, Jones admits that this piece was one of his most challenging tasks to date: "By far the most complex carving I have ever created... because its 360 degrees and I wanted to put it on an angle so it looks like it's climbing down that hill toward the convention center."

Eric Jones/Facebook Eric Jones/Facebook Eric Jones/Facebook

Jones dedicated five days of labor to creating this temporary sculpture, which he explains is his favorite type of art. Previous works of his include pumpkin carvings as well as sand and ice sculptures. He explains, "I like things that melt, wash away and rot. I'm more interested in the process of carving than in the product. There's something beautiful about art that's temporary - there's a buzz and an energy to it to come and see it and enjoy it."

Using snow to construct a Bronco sculpture is a fitting medium when you consider how capable the 4x4 is over this tricky surface, but we see some accidental irony here.

Ford Era/YouTube Ford Era/YouTube

This construction becomes a bit awkward when you remember that several Bronco units have had their soft tops fail in severe snowstorm conditions. The first recorded incident was reported by a Canadian owner who encountered a blizzard in the northern section of Tuktoyaktuk. Having parked his car outside during the storm, the owner returned to find that the soft-top had failed, leaving his cabin filled with snow.

The second recorded incident happened one month later in Dearborn, Michigan with a video that reveals a faulty headliner that invites snow into the cabin. This is an issue that is not too far removed from the quick-wearing Webasto hard-top roofs that have been resolved by the brand already.
Source Credits: WKBW Buffalo

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