This Ford Dealer is Selling its 50th Anniversary Mustang for $100,000

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Yep, they're marking it up for as much as they can get.

So you know all about the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Ford Mustang. Just 1964 will be built in the coming year. Those lucky enough to snatch one up will have a choice of either Kona Blue or Wimbledon White exterior colors along with a host of other special touches such as unique 19-inch wheels, various "50th Anniversary" badges, a two-tone interior, and a serialized number.


Every example is also a GT model, meaning it comes with that ever so lovely 5.0-liter V8. Although Ford hasn't released official pricing, there's already a dealership trying to sell its one model allocation. Gaudin Ford, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, has just posted an eBay ad for its 50th Anniversary Mustang with an asking price of $100,000. A non-refundable $20k deposit is also required. Just how insane is this price? Let's take an educated guess here and figure the MSRP will be around $40,000-$45,000, give or take. Do the simple arithmetic and that dealer markup is just nuts. Of course, there'll always be someone out there more than willing to pony up (pun intended) the cash here.

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