This Ford F-350 Lariat Was Transformed Into World's Most Luxurious SUV


Not surprisingly, it'll debut at SEMA this week.

There's always a market, albeit a small one, for big and over the top SUVs. Whether it's a big-time celebrity or some evil dictator, someone somewhere is more than happy to pony up the big bucks to be chauffeured around in something that can crush your typical limousine. Set to debut this week at SEMA in Las Vegas is Zero to 60 Designs' latest creation, the Nighthawk.

Based on a Ford-350 Lariat, the Nighthawk is described as "rugged, yet elegant" with its military-inspired exterior and a luxurious interior. It may look pretty badass from the outside, which is the whole point, but inside is all business.

The Southern California-based design studio claims the Nighthawk can easily accommodate up to six full-grown adults due in part to its raised five-inch roofline. Prior to its taller roof, however, the big SUV started out as a 2018 F-350 Lariat extended cab. Thanks to a CAD-designed 3D model, the team was able to virtually see the vehicle prior to the build, enabling them to confirm all final measurements. Each body panel was also individually scanned to ensure the measurements were accurate to what the computer model dictated.

The exterior features a custom satin-black paint with high-gloss black accents, Roadian MTX mud terrain extreme off-road tires, an upgraded intake system specific to diesel engine requirements, a unique window tint that ensures the custom leather upholstery stays cool from UV rays and, lastly, a special wheel design exclusive to the Nighthawk. And speaking of diesel engines, the donor F-350 Lariat is powered by a 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel.

"It's no secret that we love diving into unique challenges and producing one-off custom creations, as evidenced by our prior work. The Nighthawk was a whole different animal, however," said designer and company founder Kenny Pfitzer. "What we love about this custom-luxury SUV is that it all came from a simple, yet elegant concept – we wanted to create the world's most rugged, tough and luxurious SUV, and we believe we've accomplished that." SEMA 2018 will get underway tomorrow, beginning October 30 until November 2.

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