This Ford Police Interceptor Utility Is Way More Than Your Typical Cop Car

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Is this a great country, or what?

OK. So this is something totally different than our regular unboxing car reviews. That's because this is a cop car, and thanks to the Palo Alto, California Police Department we were given exclusive access. This is a Ford Police Interceptor Utility. Think Ford Explorer, only one that's been transformed into a mobile police headquarters. Classified as a Supervisor police vehicle, this Interceptor Utility isn't used to arrest people. That's a good thing because, well, you'll understand why after watching the following video. Trust us. It's a very good reason.

Just because this is a Supervisor's cop car doesn't mean it isn't equipped with lots of badass features. LED spotlights? Yep. Enough flashers to embarrass a Fourth of July fireworks display? You betcha. Assault rifle? Oh, absolutely.

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There's a lot more to talk about but we'll save it all for the video review. Enjoy! And, by the way, we've got more offbeat unboxing reviews to come so stay tuned.

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