This Fostla Mercedes CLS is Awesome Overkill

Radical customization makes this a ridiculously unique statement.

German aftermarket tuner Fostla has justreleased these outlandish images of its newest Mercedes-Benz CLS project. Whilethe stock four-door coupe certainly doesn't qualify as an understated sedan, this rendition of it is absolutely eccentric. First, the CLS350 CDI pictured here was given a Prior Design Black Edition aerodynamic kit,lowering it down to the ground. The car was then wrapped in a PWD Bond-Gold-Matt-Metallicfoil, with some red elements applied to the front and rear.

Using PP-Performance software, the car’s engine has beenuprated from 265 to 310 horsepower, with torque increasing to 515 lb-ft. TheCLS was also given special 20-inch matte gold rims and lowprofile tires, and new exhaust pipes sourced from the C63 AMG Black Series. Thetotal cost of this conversion was 16,500 Euros. It may not be to everyone's taste, but it can certainly grab anyone's attention.

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