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This Frightening Dash Cam Video Shows Why You Need To De-Ice Your Car

Seriously, don't be like this SUV driver.

There isn’t much of a description that goes along with this video, but then again one isn’t really needed. The YouTube uploader, Jeffrey Cote, says he was driving along Massachusetts’ I-495 when a slab of ice fell off the roof of the SUV in front of him. It flew through the air for a few seconds before smashing straight into the windshield of Cote’s Saab 9-5. The windshield was destroyed but luckily the ice didn’t penetrate into the cabin.

Fortunately Cote was calm and collected about the whole thing, preventing a bigger accident. In addition to the windshield getting smashed one of the wiper arms was bent and a side mirror was damaged. Drivers, remember to clean all the ice off your cars before taking off!

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