This Fun Audi Commercial Was Taken Down And We Don't Know Why

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What's wrong with water balloons?

When it comes to commercials, you've gotta get it right. These days, corporations spend millions of dollars every year on perfecting their public image in order to sell more of whatever it is that they sell, and car companies are no different. Sometimes, these commercials can be such massive productions and so long that they could be classified as short films. This usually makes them all the more enjoyable and always makes them more expensive, which has us wondering why Audi of America went to the trouble of creating this 13-minute water balloon fight featuring cars from its past, present, and future only to take it down again.

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We featured the Led Balloon ad when it debuted recently, enjoying the depiction of cars like the e-tron Sportback, the RS2 Avant, and the legendary Quattro S1 rally car driven by Walter Rohrl. Some concept cars also featured, and the entire thing was very upbeat. So after spending so much time and money on the ad and its famous participants, we were surprised to learn that Audi of America got rid of it.

According to one rumor, Audi AG (meaning the head office) "leadership asked AOA to scrub it (Led Balloon) from the internet. They did not like how it depicted the products and they didn't understand the point of the video."

Audi/YouTube Audi/YouTube Audi/YouTube

We suspect there must be some other reason that is closer to the truth, as the video is both lighthearted and smart in its way of depicting the brand as fun-loving and technologically forward. It highlights Audi's everyday cars, its supercars, its electric cars, and the brand's motorsport triumphs, as well as its relatively humble beginnings. Nevertheless, there's no doubt that Audi generally depicts itself as a serious, technology- and advancement-focused brand, so perhaps the answer really is that simple: Audi management felt that the ad was just too jovial. Whatever the reason, the fact that the ad is still linked above - albeit via a third party - shows that once something is on the internet, it's there forever. Still, what a monumental waste of money.

Audi/YouTube Audi/YouTube
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