This Functioning Clock Is Made Up Entirely Of Trucks Driving In Circles

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Those poor drivers.

It doesn't take a genius to explain why advertisements are annoying, but thanks to the ever more creative marketing departments at different companies, this isn't always the case. Need proof? Just ask an non-football fan what they remember about the last Superbowl and it'll likely be one of the hilarious multimillion dollar adverts. Luckily for us enthusiasts, automakers like to participate in these as well, just ask anyone who's seen BMW's "The Hire" series.

Now, Scania, a truck manufacturing company you've probably never heard of, has just released this gem for the Internet to see.

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This commercial happens to be a labor of love. After all, as far as we're concerned, there's only one way to make upgraded semi-truck fuel injectors and it involves three modified Civic hatchbacks and the cast of the Fast and Furious movies. Luckily Scania had this marketing crew working for them because a pretty close second place is to make a giant 750,000 square foot clock with nothing more than Scania trucks. To pull off the stunt, Scania hired over 90 drivers to drive 14 trucks around the clock (literally and figuratively) for a full 24 hours. Alas, we have found the one automotive truck that's more expensive than the $250,000 Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Saphire.

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