This Furious 7 Stunt Footage Will Make You Switch Careers

Seriously, why wouldn't you want to film badass stunts on GoPros all day?

“Furious 7” hits theaters this weekend, and those who check it out will likely be wondering how the hell they pulled off all of those crazy stunts. CGI is part of the movie magic, but this GoPro video proves that a lot of the insanity that you see onscreen actually happened in real life. The behind the scenes plane drop stunt video we brought you a few days ago was awesome. But this new video shows just how chaotic an average day on set must have been for the stunt drivers and coordinators.

The great part about this video is that it’s not all shot from inside the cars. Instead, a lot of the GoPros were attached to the camera equipment and to aerial vehicles. This gives a great glimpse into just how much went into the incredible stunts in Furious 7.

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