This Gearhead Made A Lamborghini Reventon Out Of Two Mitsubishis


Before you say it looks like crap ask yourself this: When's the last time you built a Lambo?

Driton Selmani lives in Kosovo and, like many gearheads around the world, can’t afford a Lamborghini Reventon. But unlike many gearheads around the world he refused to let his dream of owning a Reventon die, so he built his own. The Associated Press reports that the car seen here was born from one year’s hard work and two Mitsubishis. An Eclipse sacrificed its body and a Galant gave up its 3.0-liter V6 for this dream. OK, to Selmani this car is a dream come true. To others it might be more of a four-wheel Frankenstein monster nightmare.

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From a distance this thing doesn’t look so bad, especially the front end. The rear end is not 100% awful either. We also like the black and red stripe; the colors pay tribute to the Albanian flag. And hey, it even has Lambo doors! However, get anywhere near it and the Lamborghini you thought you saw suddenly looks oddly proportioned and smushed. Still, Selmani says that his homemade Reventon turns heads whenever he takes it out and that the car has the approval of his family and friends. At the end of the day that’s really what counts, right? If Selmani decides to try his hand at building another replica Lamborghini he could make some serious cash, provided effort two is a bit more polished.

Remember the guy who built a Countach in his basement and then listed it on eBay? That car had a top bid of $75,900 at one point! Hell, even a Camaro Z/28-based Murcielago had a Buy It Now price of $28,750. Both of those looked way better than this wannabe Reventon and packed bigger engines. Still, you’ve got to start somewhere, right?