This GoldRush Rally Documentary Wants You To Count The Veyrons

Format67 drops the first parts of the GR7EVEN documentary.

When Snoop Dogg gives your supercar rally a shout out and drops a freestyleit’s safe to say you’ve done something right. Well judging by the amount ofhigh-dollar rides in the seventh edition of the GoldRush Rally, a shout outfrom the Doggfather himself is well-warranted. The videographers over atFormat67 created a highly stylized documentary series showcasing the insanitythat is the annual GoldRush Rally. Seeing a Pagani Huayra and Saleen S7 liveried in rally guise is a spectacle on its own.

Throw in four Veyrons to the mix and a 918 and, well, you get the idea. This is episode one of six, covering a journey beginning in San Diego and ending in Miami.

Episode one provides an overview of the participating cars and teams and gives a behind the scenes look at how difficult organizing such a rally can be. Camaraderie abounds, and a bond between the viewer and onscreen persona develops. Of course the real stars here are the cars, and there is no shortage of rarefied vehicles that hew to everyone’s taste.

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