This Google Exec Just Debunked One Of The Biggest Ferrari Myths


Can you guess which one it is?

Ferrari's most hardcore cars are its XX models, track-only beasts that costs millions of dollars and feature the latest in cutting-edge engineering. Those who are somewhat familiar with the cars have probably heard that the automaker doesn't allow owners of XX models to take them home. They have to live at Maranello where they are only let out for certain track days. That's all apparently a bunch of b.s., this according to XX owner Benjamin Sloss. He took to Instagram to debunk the myth that has been so widely reported.

Sloss posted a photo of his 599XX Evo with, part of the caption reading: "That is a myth. We can take both our XX cars anywhere we like, enter them in track days, or just keep them in our garage and rub them with a diaper. The same is true for other XX owners. Myth debunked." Road & Track reached out to Ferrari for confirmation, and the automaker responded by saying that what XX owners are indeed free to take their cars home. "The majority of the cars are stored in Maranello in the Corse Clienti department, but customers are free to have them at home," Ferrari wrote. Owners are also free to track their cars whenever they'd like, but they do need a technician to inspect the car first.

"It is mandatory, however, to have a full review of the car by the Ferrari crew team before the car hits the track in any event or private testing session. Anytime the car is taken to the track, for an official Ferrari event or personal test session, there is always a mechanic and technician. He'll do the full check up when the car arrives at that said track." To us that seems like a fair compromise, much fairer than what we originally thought the deal was anyway. But now the question becomes how quickly can these checks be scheduled? It doesn't sound like an XX owner can just wake up on a random Saturday morning and decide to hit the race track. Or can they? Wow, who knew being an owner of an XX Ferrari was so complicated?

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