This Gorgeous Graphic Novel Of Steve McQueen's Le Mans Is Beyond Cool

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"Racing is life! Anything that happens before or after is just waiting."

Steve McQueen. He loved fast cars, like Porsches, motorbikes, such as Triumphs, and trucks, including his 1969 Chevy Baja racer. Oh, let's not forget beautiful women. He had a thing for them, too. McQueen was, and still is, the definition of cool. And 46 years ago he starred in "Le Mans," a movie about – you guessed right – that legendary 24-hour endurance race. To help honor the man and his legacy, fellow car enthusiast and artist, Sandro Garbo, created a graphic novel version of that cult masterpiece.

And now Garbo and his team have created what's essentially a movie version of the graphic novel that's based on the live-action film. Got it all straight? "Le Mans" is the gorgeous result of three years of hard work. Garbo and crew were inspired to do the project because of his passion for art, classic cars and, of course, racing.

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The Porsche 917, Ferrari 512, and other racing icons are all there. Garbo is currently working with McQueen's family to help promote the graphic novel, and you can see images here as well as some footage.

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