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This Gorgeous Lancia Stratos HF Stradale Can Be Your Key To Seventies Rally Glory

It's green too.

Homologation specials existed in the days before the Lancia Stratos, but the Stratos was still different, and an incredibly important car. The first car built specifically for WRC, it was powered by a Ferrari Dino V6 and singlehandedly restored Lancia's credibility in the world of motorsports. Styled by Bertone, the first incarnation of the car was the Stratos Zero concept car which was revealed at the 1970 Turin Motor Show, and it still looks outrageous today.

Lancia managing director Ugo Gobbato loved the concept, and gave the go-ahead to build a car based on it. The car was a thundering success, winning rally championship titles in 1974, '75 and '76. But only a few hundred were ever made, as the intention was only to meet the homologation requirements. That means that they were valuable then and even more valuable now. This particular 1974 Stratos is going up for auction in May, and although we don't have an estimate on the price, the last '74 Stratos that RM auctions sold back in August went for $660,000.

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