This Gulf Liveried 1968 Mustang Is Powered By A Toyota Supra Engine


Your dose of Sunday car porn is here.

We always love it when car enthusiasts get creative and throw the so-called rules out the window. Of course there are always going to be car and brand purists who are always protecting their beloveds. But that doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, and why should it? This new video from eGarage tells the story about Beau Miklethun and his Gulf liveried 1968 Ford Mustang. From the outside, yeah, it looks like a classic Mustang with that famous paint job. But under its hood lies a turbocharged inline-six engine, donated by a Toyota Supra. Meet the Gulfstang.

Now we get this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we honestly don’t mind that its owner opted for this engine instead of an American V8. It’s something different and we admire Miklethun’s awesome attitude towards cars.

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He’s simply a real car guy who loves cars, including the Mustang, but isn’t entirely devoted to it, meaning he’s not afraid to drop in the engine he feels is right for a particular build. As for choosing the Gulf livery, a classic Ford GT40 die-cast model on his desk provided the inspiration for that. No doubt this guy has gasoline flowing through his veins.