This Guy 3D-Printed An LS3 V8 And It Really Works

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200 working hours later...

We have seen in the past that tiny engines can pack a really big punch, like the rotary engine that is only the size of a smartphone. We have also seen that 3D-printing may be the next evolution of car manufacturing that creates a new era of incredible supercars. Even big companies like BMW and Ford are using 3D-printing for building components or even models of entire cars. Eric Harrrel, who builds awesome 3D-printed car components on YouTube, has just shown what the technology is capable of building a scale LS3 V8 from a Chevrolet Camaro.

Harrell modeled every component of the LS3 from pictures, manuals, and online CAD files. The whole project took 200 hours, including 72 hours for the engine block alone. With a few extra components, the engine actually moves and Harrell shows how he built it in this awesome video.

Anyone who wants to build their own working LS3 engine can download all of the necessary files to do so. To make it run, the model will need a 500 RPM motor for $17, speed controller for $6, and a 12V power supply for $4. Materials for the actual build cost $52 for things like the fasteners, bearings, rods, springs, and belt. Harrell has built other cool designs like a Subaru EJ20 engine and Toyota transmission before, but this LS3 V8 is really one of his coolest creations yet.

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