This Guy Bought A Wrecked Ferrari Testarossa And Spent Six Years Restoring Her


Yeah, this is commitment.

It always breaks our hearts to see an 80s supercar icon in this bad of shape. Then again, one has to have hope that something will be done about it, and this guy stepped up to the huge challenge. He brought this wrecked Ferrari Testarossa back to life. Here's how it went down: Back in 2008, a member of the website bought this crashed Testarossa for 15,000 euros. Now, some might think that's a stupid waste of money. For others, it'd make more sense to simply sell off the parts.

But no. This guy had another plan. Because he loves Ferraris. Because he couldn't allow this one to be left the way it was. Calling the project "My Red Madness" (how appropriate) he began the painstaking process of restoring it.

He documented the project every step of the way, from the day it was delivered to him on a flatbed to when it officially passed inspection. All told, it took six years of hard work to complete. With the help and support of friends, family, and donations, user "Rossocorsa 300" saved this Testarossa from a premature death. And for that, he's a true gearhead hero.

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