This Guy Bought His Girlfriend An E36 BMW M3 Convertible For Christmas

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One reason why: her old Toyota RAV4 was leaking everywhere.

What should a car guy get his long-term and devoted girlfriend for Christmas? A car, of course. But not just any car will do. It needs to be something with style and personality. Performance under the hood is a wonderful added bonus. But at the same time the budget is quite modest. Finding something less expensive than fine jewelry shouldn't be too much of a problem, but what are the options. Turns out the E36 BMW M3 convertible is one answer.

Tyler Hoover, owner and star of the Hoovies Garage YouTube channel, decided to surprise his girlfriend of two years for Christmas by buying her a "new" car. This 1998 E36 M3 convertible with 152,000 miles happened to come his way and for around $3,000 he bought it off a friend.

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Another $1,500 was needed for some repairs. Less than $5k all-in for an old M3 ain't bad. Speaking of bad, what was wrong with her previous car? Well, it was a Toyota RAV4. First strike right there. It was also leaking all over his driveway. But upon start-up, the M3's inline-six doesn't sound right. In fact, upon the first test drive, a few other issues become apparent. So yeah, he got his girlfriend a somewhat broken used car for Christmas. But remember, it's the thought that counts.

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