This Guy Builds The Coolest Trucks And SUVs You Probably Can't Afford

There's nothing else quite like them.

We’ve always been huge vintage truck and SUV people here at CarBuzz. There’s just something so uniquely special about those old analog 4x4s. They have character. They’re pure and simple, free from all that high-tech gadgetry and luxury that adorns today’s SUVs and trucks. Not to say the latter aren’t fine vehicles, they’re just not the same as their ancestors. Additionally, we’ve always loved a good restomod. Something can still be entirely mechanical but constructed from modern bits of tech.

That’s essentially what ICON does with its restomod Toyota Land Cruisers, Ford Broncos and Jeep Willys. Jonathon Ward is the founder and brains behind the whole Los Angeles, California-based operation. He recently spoke with XCAR and we’re longing for one of his creations more than ever now. Photos courtesy of ICON.

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