This Guy Built A BMW M3 Pickup Because BMW Didn't

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In fact, the tuning shop will build you one, too.

Remember the one-off BMW M3 Ute built solely as an April Fool's Day joke? That was in 2011, and BMW actually took the time and expense to slice the rear roof off an E92 M3 just to mess with people. Many thought BMW really was developing such a model and wrongly got all excited. And clearly this guy from South Africa never gave up hope of having his own M3 Ute. So he built one himself with the assistance of tuning outfit Mad Dog Racing. In fact, Mad Dog Racing will do the conversion for anyone willing to pay.

In this application, the E92's 4.0-liter V8 remains, but it now has a supercharger. Aside from having over 400 hp, Mad Dog Racing claims it's rigid enough to be used as a proper truck. Overall, the conversion job is pretty good. No clue about the costs involved, but it's without question unique. Still a damn shame BMW never took a project like this seriously.

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