This Guy Built a Full-Size Tonka Toy Truck

Some of us just never grow up.

Many of us have fond memories playing with our old Tonka toy trucks. You see, Tonka toys used to be made out of metal, not the current cheap plastic that’ll crack the moment you put some rocks into its payload. But for Brad Doane of Menomonie, Wisconsin, those childhood memories are still an important part of his life. So perhaps that’s why he converted a $700 Chevy pickup into a 16-foot-long, 10-feet-tall, V8-powered Tonka Wrecker.

He was inspired to do the project after his mom bought him a Tonka Wrecker toy at an auction. After a year of work, his full-size "toy" was complete. Comparing it directly with the toy, it’s clear Doane has a great eye for detail and an even better attachment to his childhood.

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