This Guy Built An Off-Road Toy From An Old WW2 Tank And A Chevy V8

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And appropriately named it "Tankenstein." Get it?

We've long been fans of people who like to build their own cars. It's a talent few have and very much worth celebrating those who do. Over the years we've seen some pretty wild stuff, and Ontario, Canada resident Shawn Cormier is not afraid of doing just so. He's the creator and fabricator behind the "Tankenstein," a homemade rat rod tank, and it's probably the only one of its kind. It all started with a WW2 tank chassis, while the top of the cab comes from a '47 Mercury tow truck cab.

Heck, there are even bullet holes all over the body, including both .22 caliber and shot gun shots. Power comes from a 305 small block V8 with around 175 hp. Top speed is only about 50 mph. Moreover, Tankenstein was downright cheap to build. Total cost came to no more $2,500 CAD, or about $1,950 USD.

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And yet Cormier has been offered quite a bit money from some who'd like to have Tankenstein all to themselves. He's turned every single offer so far. Why? Because there's only one Tankenstein the world and it's his favorite project to date. What else has he made? Various things, including some final work, such as brakes, on what's called the Black Widow Monster three-wheeler. Perhaps one of the coolest things Cormier does when he brings Tankenstein to local car shows is that he dresses up like a soldier. Gun included.

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