This Guy Came Up With A Brilliant Way To Get His City To Fix Potholes


Being a clown sometimes pays off.

There are times when you've gotta do what you've gotta do. And this guy from Manchester, England, did exactly that. The city streets had too many potholes and people, such as a few of his friends, were getting hurt while riding their bikes through the treacherous pavement. City officials were doing next to nothing to get them repaired. So in order to get their attention, our hero, who calls himself Wanksy (think Banksy combined with wank) spray painted dicks over some of the city's worst potholes. He even used washable paint.

Not surprisingly, the city council wasn't amused, claiming Wanksy's actions were "not only stupid, but incredibly insulting to local residents." Right, and having potentially dangerous potholes and doing nothing to fix them isn't an insult to tax payers? But the dick strategy worked and the city actually fixed them. Sometimes you need to be a dick to get things done.

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