This Guy Can't Stop Dropping F-Bombs After Seeing His Flooded Ford

Our hearts go out to him...but damn it this is funny.

San Diego is currently dealing with an incredible amount of rain courtesy of El Nino. The weather phenomenon has led to some crazy scenes in the Southern Californian city, such as a Lamborghini momentarily becoming a submarine. However, for every funny video that emerges there’s also one filled with pain and anguish. This man was on his way to retrieve his car from an underground parking facility at Fashion Valley, a shopping mall in a low-lying part of the city. What happened next won’t amaze you.

His car is flooded and he’s pissed! Kudos to CBS San Diego for the awesome editing. Our hearts really do go out to this guy as flood damaged cars are nothing funny. Still, damn it all—this clip will live in Internet infamy. Thanks, El Nino.

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