This Guy Can Tell You What It’s Like To Get Crushed By A Bus

You won't believe this guy wasn't killed in this freak accident.

The average curb weight of a double-decker London bus is over 12.5 tons. Getting crushed by one of these big red suckers will almost certainly turn out your lights, but 52-year-old Hussain Musoke survived this horrific accident that was amazingly caught on camera. Walking along the sidewalk, the father of five was just passing a parked Vauxhall Astra when the bus driver loses control of the vehicle, crashing into the car and taking Musoke out with it pinning him against metal railings of a residential home.

According to reports, passersby moved the Astra and freed the poor guy, who was taken to hospital with a punctured lung, two broken ribs and a smashed right ankle. The fact he survived is almost impossible to believe.

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