This Guy Chopped The Top And Doors Off This Ford Crown Vic Because Badassness

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Way cooler than any cop car out there.

If anyone recalls, back in 2002 Ford's Mercury division revealed a wicked cool concept that sadly never made it to production. The Marauder Convertible Concept was, essentially, a two-door convertible version of the Mercury Marauder, the high-performance Grand Marquis which was the twin of the Ford Crown Victoria/cop car favorite. The Marauder sedan was built only from 2003 to 2004, but the drop top version remained a concept, sad to say.

But this guy wouldn't accept that so he built his own – out of a Ford Crown Vic. Up for sales on Craigslist Tampa is this 1999 Ford Crown Vic LX, converted into a two-door convertible replica of that Marauder Concept. The seller claims it has no actual convertible top or door side glass, but it does have four seats out of an '03 Marauder sedan, new steering box, and a clear Florida title. He claims the side doors were created by cutting and welding two doors together with a staggered cut for extra strength. Not surprisingly, the doors are big: 57-inches long, after having been extended by 10-inches. The B-pillars were also cut and moved back 10-inches.

The only work needed are a few interior tweaks in order to make it showroom condition. The price? Only $5,800, but there's 186,000 miles on the odometer. A big V8-powered rear-wheel-drive convertible? And it's painted black? Oh yes, please. Remember, this thing is one-of-a-kind. Photos courtesy of Craigslist.

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