This Guy Couldn't Buy A DTM Mercedes So He Built His Own

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Most fans of wide-bodied DTM Mercedes-Benz racecars will never have one, this guy did something about it.

There's something we like about people who do what they want, especially when people tell them things can't be done. Thouca Mechanicos was told that building a 550-hp Mercedes-Benz was crazy, but that ended up being more of a challenge to him than anything else. His 2004 C55 AMG was your average 360-hp streetcar, but he wanted more. First step was a Kleemann supercharger conversion, which resulted in some track time and a need for more power.

Some breakages, some fixes and some more breakages saw a decision made to get the car off the streets and on to the track where more serious fun could be had. The Kleemann bits weren't up to the task and so the motor saw a fully forged rebuild take place and this time the boost-maker became turbocharger. That 360 hp of engine power was increased to over 550 hp on the rear rubber, just right for killing the competition on track. A skinny C55 isn't bad, but to be taken seriously on track you need to fit very wide rubber, and that necessitates the fitment of a wide arch kit, which is what the C55 now wears. It's a full custom piece from local builder Collaro Designs.

Don't bother looking for them online, its main line of business is bespoke furniture, the wide arch body kits are a sideline passion. While they can be seen on a fleet BMW track cars, this is the only Mercedes-Benz fitted with one. As if a wide, low and ridiculously loud DTM-inspired Mercedes-Benz C55AMG isn't already a car that commands your attention, Thouca had the car finished off in a mirror finish wrap. The only problem with the car is that taking photos of it is quite the mission, but well worth trying. The next DTM-style wide body track car on the owner's list is a C63 AMG, and it should be equally as mad.

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