This Guy Daily Drives A Ferrari 308 GTB In Crazy Bangkok

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A sign of a true Ferrari passion.

It's not every day that one sees a Ferrari driving through the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. That bustling capital is filled with motor scooters, bicyclists, and thousands of more mainstream cars, so we applaud anyone willing to daily drive a Ferrari through that potential mess. Petrolicious recently caught up with Bangkok resident Chayanin Debhakam, the owner of this yellow Ferrari 308 GTB. He's not the original owner, and when the president Ferrari Owners Club of Thailand found the car for him, it had been repainted red and received a cream interior.

After making the purchase and doing some research, Chayanin discovered his 308 GTB left the Ferrari factory painted yellow with a black interior. And so began the process of restoring the car back to its original factory condition. This was a labor of love project for Chayanin, and also a dream come true.

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"The 308 GTB is the Ferrari that I grew up with and it was the first Ferrari I ever saw." Thanks in part to his fellow Ferrari enthusiast friends, Chayanin began the arduous restoration. "Some of them have different skills than me. I don't know everything and cannot do everything myself, so having the extra help and knowledge is great." Today, Chayanin daily drives his 308 GTB in Bangkok, and cherishes every moment of it.

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