Hot Rod

This Guy Drives Around Like It's 1927

Wooden spoke wheels may not be the safest, but then again it's all about looking good.

Everyone is entitled to have a hobby. But it’s those with the real quirky hobbies who are the most interesting. Such is the case of Brian Bent. He’s a California surfer who’s also got a thing for the olden days. Specifically, he likes old cars. Not classic cars, but antique cars. Instead of going for something like a Ford Model T or Model A, Bent drives around a 1927 Oakland. He even dresses in period correct driver’s clothes.

His car, well, let’s just say it wouldn’t come close to passing a government safety inspection. Perhaps its wooden spoke wheels have something to do with that. But that lack of safety, and Bent’s habit of driving it to the beach to surf, gives both car and driver plenty of character.

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