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This Guy Drove a Nissan Leaf Until it Died

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How far can a Leaf go until the battery craps out?

We'll be honest from the get-go: we've never been fans of the Nissan Leaf. The Tesla Model S, yes. That EV we really dig. But the Leaf? Well, considering it looks like a golf cart with a better paint job, we'll pass. But that's just our honest to goodness opinion. To each their own. Anyway, one of the biggest potential drawbacks to an EV, notably the Leaf, is the driving range. Sure, the Model S wins the range battle against the Leaf, but the latter is far less expensive.

It's actually affordable for most people. But just how far will the Leaf get you? Can you make it your daily driver to and from work, with a few stops in between? Fully Charged's Robert Llewellyn finds out...and ends up in a ditch along the way.

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